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Rear Rotors RX330 2005

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Hey folks. Looking to replace brake pads but also thinking of changing the rotors or having them resurfaced. I done the the front rotors and they come off very easily. Any thoughts on the rear rotors, do they come of easily or do I have to redo anything with the parking breaks?  Any and all help is much appreciated. Also looking to bleed the brake fluid as well, any tips would be great. 

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While I can't give you first-hand advice about changing the rear rotors, they should not be any more difficult than changing the rear rotors on an RX400h. One of our members of this forum did his a while back and he told us that there was nothing overly difficult about the job.

I recommend that you do NOT bleed brakes by having someone pump depress the pedal all the way down to the floor. That is a good way to cut your master cylinder piston seal by extending the piston past the ear ring that inevitably forms in the master cylinder bore. You can gravity bleed or by a bleeder kit that includes an attachment to the top of the MC that is pressurized with air (over a reservoir of brake fluid). But for the cost of that bleeder, you can probably have a shop do the bleeding and take care of old fluid waste removal.

Good luck.




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