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Nut sizes needed-front strut and suspension support


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I'm replacing the front struts on my 99 LS400. In the middle of the process when I had the spring compressed and the shock out, my 3 year old grabbed two nuts unbeknownst to me and dropped them somewhere. He grabbed the nut that goes on the end of the shock after it extends through the suspension support (I believe it’s called the damper shaft nut), and he grabbed one of the three nuts that hold the suspension support (I believe these are called strut upper mounting nuts) through into the hood area. I have the service manual and the torque specs but it doesn't say what size and thread spacing those nuts are. Can someone give me that info? Also, I see that the manual says the three nuts on the suspension support through into the hood area are non-reusable parts. Do I really need to replace all three (or just the one that got lost!)?  Thanks.  Yes, I also will do a better job of keeping my young one away from Dad’s cool car parts!  It's bad enough when I misplace things let alone having him "help" me!  ; )

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If you haven't found replacements yet, the top nut from your old strut will likely work on the new one.   As for the strut mounting nuts (mount to body), I've reused nuts, no problem.  From memory and eyeballing them, they're probably M10, 1.5 or 1.75 pitch. A well-stocked hardware store, home improvement store or local Fastenal store should be able to figure out what you need based on the other two top mount nuts that you have.

Good luck!


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