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'99 Gs300 Oil Consumption

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I have a '99 GS300 with 60K miles. I am burning 1 quart of oil for every 1,000 miles driven. Every once in a while, when I start the vehicle, I will get from a small amount to a very large amount of blue smoke from the exhaust. I know this is caused from burning oil but I am being told the oil consumption is within tolerance.

Has anyone else experienced the same?

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who in the HECK is giving you that line of crap? :chairshot:

1qt for every 1000 miles is not acceptable in any daily transport vehicle.

Either they mis-understood you or they don't want your business/do not want to help.

In general, there are two area's that can cause blue-ish smoke in the exhaust. (burning oil)

1. worn valve seals. these tend to show up as blue smoke during initial startup, but not so much once the engine is warmed up.

2. Worn piston rings. this tends to show up as blue smoke when you are taking off from a dead stop, or during heavy acceleration.

Neither one is cheap.

You could possibly slow the rate of burn by running a thicker oil. ie 10w40,......maaaybe 20w50.

Of course, there's always that "Restore" stuff they sell at AutoZone or Pep Boys! :) I'm not a believer in the stuff, but hey, ya never know.

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BA GS400,

They completely understand what is going on; it is just that no one wants to pay for it! I have been able to push hard enough and my local Lexus Dealer has diagnosed the problem as: Valve Guides are not seated properly and therefore Lexus will pay for Valve Stem replacement. Oil is blowing by the valve guides and thus, oil consumption and blue smoke. I called my personal car mechanic who told me that this is a fairly common problem with Toyota Camry's and they have seen it with the Lexus GS.

Thanks for your reply!

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Good thing they're paying for it! It should NEVER happen in Lexus land (or Toyota land for that matter) until maybe several hundred-thousand miles. Hell, even my BMW didn't start smoking until it was 12 years old and had 160K miles on the clock. But then again, I beat the sausage out of that car. Sigh....I miss it.. :( But not the squeeks and rattles!

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