Possible Purchase of 2013 AWD IS 250

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Hello All,

I have lurking and trying to find out some information on this Possible New to Me AWD IS 250, Base Model.

The has +/- 27'000 Miles on it. Has a Clean CarFax as well it looks to have been Dealer Maintained.

Not sure if I should be concerned about the Carbon Build Up with this year car ? Can anyone confirm.

Also, what would be a Good Buy Price? It is not coming off a Lexus Lot, but a Larger Established Car Dealer. So it is not a CPO

Thank you in Advance for any information.


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Regardless of how active this forum is, "What's this car worth" threads often go unanswered.  I suggest that you research what similar cars are selling for in your area.

Not that it helps, but in 2003 I bought a non-CPO 2000 LS400 for $9,000 less from an auto broker than what a Lexus dealer asked for each of two CPO 2000 LS400's.  All three cars had about the same miles (36,000 - 38,000).  The non-CPO car was better equipped than the CPO cars.

A clean CarFax doesn't mean much.  I've had cars hit by other drivers and twice hit road debris and none of the repairs showed up in CarFax.  Several of the repairs were significant ... $5,000 to $11,000.

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Dealers buy that car at auction for about $23,000 depending on options, carfax and color 

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