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Salvaged Title 2008 Lexus RX 350

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I recently bought a salvaged titled 08 350 with 140k miles for 5k and I was wondering if this was a good deal?..It has oem nav and the rear end (which was wrecked and completly replaced which made it a salvage title) was rebuilt in great condition.  I'm just wondering if I got a good deal or did I over pay for a salvage titled car. I took out the factory 6 disk changer and put in a double din Pioneer avh-4200nex total upgrade!!! Any thoughts would be appreciated

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Before I bought my salvage-title MX5 (2008), I called an auto body pro who has repaired and driven many a salvaged vehicle. He recommended rear-damaged vehicles, as they are easier to "get right" and less likely to have had multiple air bag deployments. He also said that having photos of the damage helps when it is time to sell the vehicle. I showed him photos of the MX5 damage which was provided to me by the owner, and the auto body pro felt that the car was a good candidate. One suspension component had to be replaced when I upgraded the shocks, sway bars, and springs. The car has been solid for 3+ years now and I am happy I bought it.

I also spoke with my insurance agent to ensure that the car would be insured for what I paid. The general rule of thumb is that you should pay no more than 50-60% of the going resale rate for a clean-title vehicle having the same options/trim level. Insurance companies tend to insure the vehicle using that formula, so try not to pay more than that. Also, expect that many repair jobs include paint that is hastily done and not up to the same quality level as a factory paint job. That is the case with my MX5 and it doesn't bother me, since I worry less about every scratch or ding.

So in summation, there are some great salvage title deals out there, as long as the repair is structurally sound (An auto body shop can inspect the repaired vehicle and let you know, one way or the other.) and the vehicle was not flood-damaged (potential electrical nightmare).


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