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1996 ls400 XM FM Direct Adapter?


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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot or something since this is my first post on this forum. So I got a 1996 ls400 with the XM snap for satellite radio. I was wondering how can I get the XM FM Direct adapter installed in my car? This is the direct adapter at best buy (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/siriusxm...=1158319078975). I did look at removing the stereo but the center wood panel seems to be in there good and I don't want to beak it. Also even if I do get it open and all setup how should I positions the wire so it can connect to my XM snap and look nearly invisible to others. If you have a setup or something is is possible if you can post pictures or a video?

Thanks :D

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UPDATE: Ok I was able to get the wood panel off but now I have ran into a new issue. I am not sure how to get the AC/Clock/Vents out so I can remove the top 2 screws of the radio. Can someone please post a way how to do it in a 1996 LS400. I did look at other videos but  they are newer models or older models and one says to pry the ac off and others say to go inside and press a clip. 


If possible post images :) Thanks

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