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TPMS light on

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2016 RX350 ,After winter, I change back the summer tires with rims. The TPMS light on .I try to reset but doesn't work! I went to don valley lexus dealers , they said every time have to reprogram charge me $100. I think too much.Do you have anyone know about it ?because I owner 2012 rx350 , after change back the summer tires the TPMS just couple minutes then off!

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Most vehicles store only one set of TPMS ID codes in the vehicle ECU so reprogramming is necessary when doing the winter/summer tire changeover.  I don't know what the current charge is but $100 per vehicle was about the cost here several years ago.

I bought an ATEQ Quickset TPMS programming tool on Amazon.com for about US$150 and it paid for itself the first day I used it when doing winter/summer tire changeovers on two vehicles.

The handheld Quickset tool can store two sets of TPMS ID codes for one vehicle at a time - one set for Winter and one set for Summer.  The ID codes are entered into the Quickset software running on a personal computer and then downloaded to the Quickset tool though a USB port.  If you have only one vehicle with TPMS, the download of the ID codes to the Quickset tool has to be done only once.  To program the TPMS codes into the vehicle ECU, it is a matter of setting the vehicle ignition to run mode (i.e. pressing the Start button twice without foot on the brake), plugging the Quickset into the diagnostic port in the driver side foot well and pressing the Winter or Summer button on the Quickset tool.  The TPMS warning light in the instrument cluster usually goes out within a few minutes but can take longer if the TPM sensors are new since they are activated by wheel rotation.

The Carista smartphone app also the capability for an additional fee to program TPMS using a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port.

If you get a TPMS programming tool, you may need a business like a Lexus dealer supply you with TPMS codes for your winter and/or summer wheels.  Since the ATEQ Quickset can pull the TPMS codes currently programmed into the vehicle ECU, you may need to obtain only one set of codes.


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