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One of my wheels got damaged with an unknown object in the highway that I was unable to avoid. I'm assuming it was a metal because the wheel is not repairable as one wheel person said. Do you have any ideas how I can deal with this? 

One suggestion from the wheel expert was to check on eBay because dealer may charge a lot for one wheel and he was unable to get one from his vendors. I looked on eBay and I found like 3 which 2 of them are refurbished and 1 used with some scratches. 

More information: Lexus NX200t 2015, Wheel:5 Twin Spoke Stock Alloy Rim Silver 18" , This is a lease vehicle that I'm planning to purchase after the lease ends. 

Any suggestions/comments/ideas???  will be appreciated. Thank you! 





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Open a claim with your insurer and let them find a replacement wheel for you.  Hitting road debris is not the type of claim that should raise your rates - it's considered unavoidable.  I hit road debris that damaged countless vehicles a few years ago and my insurer took care of everything.  The damage to my Lexus was around $4,500 if I remember correctly.

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