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I had a low tire and had tire repaired by tire dealer. Didn't reset low tire light on dash, so I tried to reset it by pushing button under right side of driver's side of dash, but couldn't crawl under dash to read button labels to be sure of pushing light reset button. After pushing button blindly, the low tire light remains on and my car wouldn't start unless I inserted smart key in ignition switch. It appears that my pushing the under-dash button without seeing the label has caused my smart key to not be recognized to start the car. Any suggestions?

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A hand mirror and flashlight makes it easier to see the 2 buttons, which are labeled, while sitting in the driver's seat. 

Low tire warning is removed by turning on ignition (but not starting engine) with key inserted in key slot, if you still have issues with smart key , then holding in low tire button until the warning goes out.

Smart key button,  next to low tire button, will have 2 positions, either in or out. I believe in is active, and out is off, but my car is not here at the moment to check.



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