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Lexus IS glovebox removal

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Hi all,

Has anyone removed the glovebox from a mk2 Lexus IS? I need to replace my glovebox and have removed the screws from the top and bottom of the glovebox (including clips at the bottom) but the glovebox will not fully pop out.



I got the diagram from this old thread!

Please help!! I gave a friend a ride with a pack of beers and one of the bottles got wedged in the soft touch glovebox lid by accident.  I got a used replacement glovebox for £10 delivered (around $15) so i just need to swap them over.


Kindest regards!

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Looking at the diagram for a right hand drive 2008 IS220d on www.toyodiy.com , it looks like there is a screw on the inner right side of the glove box that is inserted from the back size.  This makes me wonder if it is necessary to do some disassembly of the center stack (radio, sat nav) in order to remove a screw.  I once removed the glove box from the 2000 LS400 I used to have and I remember it being more difficult than I though it should be.

You could register on www.toyodiy.com so that you can see the diagrams but it has sometimes taken a few days for registrations to be processed. 

I'm not in a position to post an image of the diagram right now, but I can tonight when I get home - assuming that this old guy remembers!

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1 hour ago, blackis220d said:

Thanks again 1990LS400- i registered on toyodiy but cant see any diagrams!

It took several days for me to be provided access to diagrams when I registered some years ago.

Here is that diagram from www.toyodiy.com

I drew an arrow pointing to the screw that to me looks like it might be inserted and tightened from the back of the right side of the glove box housing.

You might also check for screws inside the glove box hidden behind small removable portions of the glove box panels.  Sometimes small removable pieces like this are difficult to see and can be popped out only by using a sharp tool like a knife blade.

And I do not know how much force will be required to remove the glove box after all the fasteners are removed.  Sometimes a certain about of force must be applied with an appropriate trim removal tool in order to "pop out" interior trim pieces - can be a bit scary.  I once slightly cracked the plastic surround for the radio and HVAC controls in a Toyota Camry we used to have when I missed finding a hidden screw. 


2008 IS220d RHD glove box diagram.jpg

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