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I have had my IS250 F Sport for a year now and  and I am considering a few upgrades.  My priorities are intake and exhaust.  I am looking at the Lexus cold air intake and the exhaust as well.  Is it worth going with Lexus or should I look at other sources?  What about the shocks? I was looking into the Bilstein shocks offered by Lexus.  Thanks for your comments in advance.

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Hi Johnathan and welcome.


You ask a good question. With so many company's selling every part under the sun, it is difficult to learn what parts are good as OEM>

My guess is that you'll find Lexus OEM parts are consistently higher than any other source. I imagine someone else will chime in here and may be able to be more specific on brands and specification.




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No intake. Stock intake is cold air. 

Get exhaust if want louder

coilovers good if you live in states with nice roads. 

Wheels 2000$ ish. I wouldn't spend 4000$ wheels on a Lexus IS. 

Nowadays people ride stock man. Grown men don't go into that car show off stuff. Save your money buy better car later down. 

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