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  1. Meisterschaft MUSA exhaust is a $3500 exhaust. I would suggest AIMGAIN, Lexon, Skipper, Artisan Spirits for body parts. TIEN, GReddy, RSR for coilovers. Wheels: AIMGAIN, or Work
  2. F sport is better and you will find most aftermarket parts are for f sport only
  3. You should replace Lower Control Arm Bushing with stiffer GSF units. Tires you will only get 1/2 of the tire milage warranty at best with staggered tire sizes (can not rotate). Try to find tires with 50,000 or more mile warranty (25,000 for staggered)
  4. Look into: - F Sport intake - F Sport Exhaust - Tanabe Medalion Exhaust - TEIN Flex Z Coilovers
  5. It's actually a dynamic toe issue. Every Is has it. The front is due to a soft front control arm bushing from the factory. You can replace with a stiffer unit from the GSF, or a racing type from FIGs or RRRacing. Also because F Sport has a staggered tire setup, you will only get 1/2 of the advertised tire life. So get tires with 40-50,000 miles you can expect 20-25,000. You will get a lot less if you don't replace the bushing.