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2016 NX 200T F Sport 2 Dislikes To Date

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I just purchased a 2016 F Sport 2 (Blk/Red) and it had about 200KM on the vehicle. My previous vehicle was a BMW but liked the price point of the NX. I still believe the Germans make some of the best cars in terms of attention to detail, quality of components used and engineering.

So my dislike list is as follows:

1) Stereo is kind of weak for 10 speakers (comparing this to my BMWs Harmon Kardon). I find the base quite wimpy with a few vibrations and the sound at higher volumes not as crisp as I believe it should be.

2) The hands free phone system will not let me scroll my contacts when I'm driving. Yes of course safety, but it should be my option if I want to disable this stupid feature. Does anyone know if any hacks/programming tools are available to modify such settings?

3) The navigation also has disabled some features while driving.... Same as above hands free phone, my option.

4) The heated steering wheel is only half heated? Was the Japanese engineer asleep when he/she thought about this one? Or will then again get into the safety conservation about your hands being in the proper location on the steering wheel.

5) The mouse functionality is a bit clumsy and could be improved.

6) When you stop the car the drivers side seat always goes back. Can this feature be disabled? I guess it helps if you have a large gut, but it's annoying at times...

Again these are the little details that could make this a better car than it already is. And I do like the car!

That's it for now.... I will update with additional information as I put more time on the vehicle.

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Beat-Sonic has an inexpensive harness that provides full control of the nav, audio and phone systems while driving:  http://www.beatsonicusa.com/nsd6223ep.html

Using voice commands, previous destinations and storing contacts as speed dials are techniques that I find help cope with the limitations while moving.

We put our phones in iOttie phone holders mounted high on the dashboards of our vehicles and use the iBolt Dock'n Drive phone app to organize the phone apps we use most frequently while driving.  Dock'n Drive is available for both iOS and Android.  I have a big "Contacts" button on one of the five customizable Dock'n Drive screens which allows easy access to scrolling contacts directly on the phone screen.

The NX owners manual indicates that the owner can turn off the automatic driver seat retraction - see section "9.2 Customization" of your owners manual.

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