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Rough Ride

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Anyone experience that the ride has a vibration or roughness to it? I have 300 miles on the car. I was told that it could be that the full moon roof has some effect on the stability of the frame. The dealer had me drive a similar vehicle and the ride was the same. Then I drove one without the regular moon roof and had the same experience. Is it just me being too finicky? When i first test drove the car it was smooth and luxurious. Don't know what my options are.


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Did the car you originally test drove have the standard 17" wheels and all the others including yours have the optional 18" wheels?  If this is the case, then maybe you could get the 17" wheels.  A one inch wheel size difference is a lot in my book.  My Sienna is currently on its 17" winter wheels and the ride is substantially softer than when it is on the 18" wheels that I use the rest of the year.

Are you running your tires at near the minimum allowed pressure?  Tire pressures changes on their own by about 1 psi for each 10 degrees of temperature change.  So ... a 30 degree increase in temperatures causes about a 3 psi increase in tire pressures - easily enough for me to feel when driving.

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