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RX400h petrol engine start up shake...

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I have some issues with my wifes 400h (2006)...
I searched some forums and found simillar issues however no precise answer how to solve it
So ...
When I start my car after some hours of parking esspecially in winter condition (or cold)... when rx switch (on parking -P) from battery to petrol which is obvious when engine is cold , engine shakes .. once during start...
it only happenes once , switching off car and next start up.. shake is acceptable (hard to notice)

the same when I start from traffic light for example... When I allow car to drive some time on battery (ca 10-20meter) means slightly push throtle pedal .. all seems to be ok .. car switch to petrol nicely , but when I push pedal harder to accelerate faster from stop.. then petrol engine starts earlier and shake is noticable.. even voilent ...

any idea what is a typical reason of such a behave of the car?
rx400h 220k km on the clock

sorry for mistakes.. :-))

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Could be many things, but worn engine mounts, front and back and dogbone torque mount on top of engine.  However the engine may be struggling to start.  Try a fresh oil change. 

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