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Water Leak; Damp Rear Cargo Area


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Hope all is well everyone.

Unfortunately, I recently noticed that the rear cargo area of my 2004 LX 470 is damp after it rains.

No body damage, but missing the right rear roof rack cap. Ordered the part to replace same, but can this missing part be the cause (doesn't seem like it could be)?

The darkened corners of the cargo area and the edge of where the tailgate meets the cargo area are damp. Seems worse on the right side. Rubber gaskets and seals around the rear tailgate seem perfectly fine.

Is this a known problem? Please advise with any insight.

Thank you very much!



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I drive a 2007 LX470 and a couple of years ago I experienced dampness in the same area after rainfall.  It turned out that both rear vent windows had been opened up but were not fully closed.  Honestly, it took me a little while to figure it out but I have not had a problem since.  Yes, it sounds pretty simple but you may want to check it out?

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Thanks for your posts, Gentlemen.

I posted same on another site and people are stating it's the third brake light.

Pretty sure I've always closed my rear side windows.

Anyone know how to remove the third brake light; apparently some seal goes bad?

Thanks again!

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