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  1. I received the parts today and unfortunately, the hydraulic lines are black and hose like (actually 50% flexible, 50% rigid). When the indy threw my car upon the lift, what he pointed out to me was silver / metallic and larger in diameter, and seems completely rigid. Is there is difference between the air suspension hydraulic lines on a 2004 LX and a 2006/7 LC? Can someone please shed some light on this? Can really use some help here.
  2. Can someone please confirm whether or not the 2006/2007 Land Cruiser AHC setup is the same as the 2004 LX setup? In other words, would the LC part numbers I provided above be a direct fit / replacement on my LX? I hope so, as I believe the lines are hard metal, which are not flexible. :| Shocks the same as well? Thank you again.
  3. I found these part numbers: 48530-69145 49164-60041 49163-60041 Do the hydraulic lines that run front to back on either side of the truck come in sections? Anyone know if the numbers above are the whole line, or only a part of the line? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, Hope all is well. 2004 LX470 with 200k here, which I want to keep. Active Height Control (AHC) system went yesterday. Rear axle on bump stops. Drove to indy, which stated the left and right hydraulic lines are rusted and I’d likely need both rear shocks as well, due to likely rust at the top mounting points (?). Quoted me $1,700, $1,250 for parts, $450 for labor. I’m told the parts would be OEM Lexus. How does this pricing sounds; high, low? Can someone please help provide me with the part numbers I'd need? I’d like to call dealers and search online for better pricing. ALSO, is there some Land Cruiser 100 Series model year that has AHC, or do all have conventional suspensions? As some of you may recall, my front steering rack was leaking, indy stated I must use Lexus parts, but I went ahead with an OEM Land Cruiser rack, which worked just fine. Please advise at your earliest as down a car. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for your posts, Gentlemen. I posted same on another site and people are stating it's the third brake light. Pretty sure I've always closed my rear side windows. Anyone know how to remove the third brake light; apparently some seal goes bad? Thanks again!
  6. Hope all is well everyone. Unfortunately, I recently noticed that the rear cargo area of my 2004 LX 470 is damp after it rains. No body damage, but missing the right rear roof rack cap. Ordered the part to replace same, but can this missing part be the cause (doesn't seem like it could be)? The darkened corners of the cargo area and the edge of where the tailgate meets the cargo area are damp. Seems worse on the right side. Rubber gaskets and seals around the rear tailgate seem perfectly fine. Is this a known problem? Please advise with any insight. Thank you very much!
  7. My salesman called stating he can get me out of my car, a 2014 IS 350 AWD F Sport, as I have 6 months left on my lease. Not sure I want another Lexus; navigation is horrible; probably a C300 4Matic Sport next, but had to share the deal he told me of! 2012 LS 460 AWD NAV Nebula Gray on Black 14 Months Remain 15k Miles / Year 38k Current Miles $1,500 Down $594 / Month, Tax Included (346) 586-6009 lexusclients@gmail.com Think it’s necessary to know when the lease began, which is missing, but didn't get that info. Nevertheless, contact the salesman if interested and feel free to mention this post. Thanks and Happy Motoring! :)
  8. Hi all, Sorry for the delay, but been active on the "clublexus" forum. I've since placed a deposit on a grey on red 2014 IS350 AWD F Sport and plan to take delivery in a week. I've obtained answers to many of my questions, to wit: Both the 250 and the 350 can take regular gas, but not recommended, and while regular gas costs less, it also results in fewer MPG's, so it's a wash. The 250 averages about 4 MPG's better than the 350, but all depends on driving style / habit; 350 drivers may be more prone to high revs; 250 drivers may be more prone to driving moderately. Removing the F Sport badging on the front fenders will leave holes! Very !Removed! about this. The MSRP option list print referred to is called a Vehicle Inquiry Report or, internally, a "V Spec Sheet", v for vehicle. It's all legit options / packages / MSRP pricing from corporate, that does not include dealer installed accessories or fluff; it's a window sticker printout from a central computer database. In any event, there was an error on some print outs I came across and the dealers were surprised and thankful of my reporting same to them. Who knows if they’ve fixed same, or even have the capability to do so, as I’m told the info is populated by corporate. Otherwise, yes, a dealer can contact the port to ensure the rear bumper applique is not installed. Takes A LOT of effort to get the dealer to make a simple phone call, at least it did in my case, but happy to report that I got my way. Good luck to all, and be sure to check out “clublexus”. Be well!
  9. Hi all: Debating between a IS250 AWD F-Sport and a IS350 AWD F-Sport. Primary reason for the purchase is fuel efficiency, but after driving each, I feel the 250 is slow. Some q’s: Is it true the 250 can take regular gas, but the 350 must use premium? Real world, how much better is the 250 on fuel efficiency than the 350? Very upsetting the F-Sport does not come with memory or cooled seats! Is it true that removing the F-Sport badge would leave holes on the fender? Otherwise, I thought F-Sport’s come with 18” rims and All-Season tires on AWD models. If so, I’ve seen MSRP option list print outs showing AWD F-Sport’s with “19-inch Split 5-spoke Alloy Wheels w/ Dark Graphite Finish w/ Summer Tires”. What’s going on? I don’t even see 19-inch wheels in the brochure or online, and no, it’s not a dealer installed option (cars haven’t even landed yet). Last, is there a way to have the dealer contact the port to ensure the ugly port installed rear bumper applique is NOT installed? Thanks!
  10. Is there anyone that can shed some light on the above? Thanks!
  11. Hi again, I called my dealer's parts department today, gave them my VIN and described my problem. Unfortunately, they said there are several parts involved with what I am describing, including: the "Motor Assembly", "Servo Motor Assembly", "Control Motor Servo" and “Amplifier". While the dealer was vague, can anyone please shed more light on this, including what the differences between the various parts are and which part is most likely to apply. Thanks again!
  12. Hi everyone, Hope all is well. I had the above problem a while ago, but didn’t do anything to fix it. Nevertheless, I now have the problem where my HVAC fan / blower cuts in and out and does not constantly stay on. With the problem as described, would replacement of the part I removed and took pictures of above fix the problem? AND, if so, where is the best place to get a good priced new replacement? Please advise ASAP, as it’s getting hot here in NY. Thanks!
  13. Two front seat problems: There is some type of short with or bad connection of the front passenger heated seat switch, as the seat heats at random when the switch is in the off position. How do I test for a bad switch or to disable the switch or fuse to same? The driver’s seat lumbar support is broken, as the lumbar support bolster does not reduce/lessen when I attempt to do so. Is there any way to manually reduce/lessen same, as I find lumbar support uncomfortable, while certain family members feel otherwise? How do I test whether it is the switch or the bolster motors, etc. within the seat itself? Any help/guidance is appreciated. Thank you!
  14. The batteries on my key fob recently died and the direction I have to turn the driver’s door lock to unlock the door is very strange! In every prior car I've ever had you had to turn counter clockwise to unlock and clockwise to lock, yet on the LX470 you have to do the opposite!? Then, strange enough, I was trying to get into the truck from the passenger side door and noticed that it works the way it should: Counter clockwise to unlock and clockwise to lock. Can anyone please confirm whether or not your truck does same and why!? Strange.
  15. Hi Paul, Thank you for your message. I have owned the truck since new, which means the stickers have been there since new too. I've yet to check, but now I think they may protect the interior from the third row seats when folded in the upright position...