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Ls Es Wheel Question...


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Will 16" Sport Edition winter wheels from a 2005 ES330 fit my '01 LS430? I married into the LS430 and doing my best to keep it in the family. Thanks, C.

Hi Crispy and happy new yar,

I do not know a specific answer to your question. Normally the main restriction when changing wheels is the size of the new wheels. Since your going to use the same 16" wheels you've already past one of the test.

The next thing to check is the wheel/tire width. Is there a significant difference in the width and diameter of the LS to allow for the tire rubbing against the wheel well of the LS. One thing that has me confused is your term of "winter wheels." There are winter/snow tires, and there are all season tires, but again, I'm not familiar with the wheel for winter.

If no one else chimes in here, I would suggest calling Tire Rack and/or the wheel manufacturer.

Please come back and let us know how things are going.


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I was just referring to the cheap Sport Edition wheels as "winter" because that's how they were being sold and so many are used for snows. The LS430 brake clearance worries me. These Sport Edition wheels came from a 2005 ES330 and I just don't know much about all the different Lexus models. I'm having trouble getting all the specs from the seller (on CL???).

I thought someone might chime in and say the '05 ES330 were no problem brake-wise on my '01 LS430. Thanks, C.

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You are wise to be concerned about the brake caliper clearance because the LS has some beefy brakes. I do not know for sure if the ES330 wheels would fit but willing to bet that they would. The bolt pattern should match so it is just the offset that would be of concern but again, I would bet that it will work.

Another option is checking a local junkyard for wheels as they do not necessarily need to be Lexus. I have heard that some Toyota wheels from the Avalon, Camry, etc. will fit. The most important thing being that you could try it and make sure it fits and return to the JY if it does not. You also save on shipping costs which can be substantial.

In general, I have found that 'winter' wheels (ones you do not mind salting up) are not pretty, just functional. And usually go for around 50 to 100 bucks per wheel. If you can get the ES330s' cheap enough and they do not fit, you can always re-sell.

Let us know what you decide, Crispy.

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