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2016 Rx Wall St. J.... Review


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The new RX family has been widely praised. With the additional rumored third seat it would probablly put RX sales in orbit. (Remember that the RX has been the most popular Lexus model since it was introduced around the early: The 3rd row has been shelved.)

This review offers a thorough and balanced look at the new RX family. The most important part of any review however is your opinion. For example, my wife drives a 2013 RX350. She uses it primarily for commuting to work and back, and on the weekend for doing errands. There for the auto pre-colision system is not a big thing for her but she loves the blind spot mirror feature and wouldn't buy a new car without it.

I naturally placed this story in the RX forum since your the folks that have the most insight. I will also paste it in the General Chat forum.

Please tell us your opinion or put any questions you might have and even those things you think ought to be changed or added.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!



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Hopefully Lexus have found a fix for parasitic draw on the battery and not fixing the problem with a trickle charger on a $70.000+ Vehicle... The problem that I have I can't park my rx350 at the airport or in my garage no longer than one week with out the battery going dead and needing a boost to start...

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