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Trying To Connect To Pandora

Joe C.

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i own a 2012 es350 w/navigation and i'm trying to connect my lgg3 smartphone to access pandora and play it through the sound system.

has anyone tried this or know how to connect to pandora? the 2012 does not have app capability.

thanks for any help,


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OK, you apparently have a 2012 ES350 with navigation but without the Enform in-dash app that has the Pandora interface.

It should be easy enough to stream from Pandora from your phone directly to the audio system through a 3.5mm aux-in cable or, better, wirelessly through A2DP Bluetooth.

Do you have the Pandora app working on your phone? (i.e. can you listen to Pandora with ear buds directly from your phone?)

If so, does your phone connect to your audio system via Bluetooth? The audio system connection is separate from the hands free phone connection and you may have to perform a separate action to make the A2DP connection.

Provide more detailed information about the problem if you can't get this to work. I subscribe to Pandora and stream from it wirelessly in my Toyota van almost every day and through Entune (similar to Enform) when I drive my wife's Prius. Yours should be a simple problem to solve.

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I just upgraded
from a Fred Flintstone flip phone, to a android smartphone and was able
to connect via Bluetooth per your instructions with Pandora to our

Thank you for your help.

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