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One Of My New Favorite Commercials


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Love it when the Dodge brothers go in and see their new dealership but insist on getting the donuts, then it goes to a Charger and a Challenger doing a killer donut.

Gosh I wish somebody other than Dodge made a Challenger. I would get one in a New York minute! I'm not going to spend 50-60k on a Chrysler product.

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Neither would I. Yes, I like the Chargers and Challengers but I'd get the new Z28 or C7. I stay away from Chrysler products as they have too much stuff that breaks at an early age.

One of my LEAST favorite commercials is for the adult diapers where women wear them and they bump butts or do karate kicks. Yeah all fine and dandy but not stuff I want to see.

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I can deal with the Sonic commercials since they change them often enough. Perhaps the WORST commercials on TV are those for the debt reduction and save the butts of those who previously overspent. The stupid announce has his head leaned to one side as he talks and then show people on phones with smiles. Somehow I expect the people working in those boiler rooms are not smiling in reality. THEN, they replay the same commercial every 5 minutes for months. Agh. you know their bottom line is to suck more money from those who has painted themselves into a corner and are hoping for salvation.

Big news, the government does not reduce your tax liability because you hire someone whose head leans to one side while they are talking.

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We used to have a place here. It was an income tax place called Mo Money. They cheated and bent the law to get people back more money than they should. They finally got busted a couple of years ago. Every January, they would play BY FAR THE WORST COMMERCIALS IN THE WORLD!!! Lots of hollering and screaming. They would play them over and over during the news. I was never so glad to see someone get busted and put in jail.

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