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Seat Memory Buttons Lights

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Hi all,

I just bought a 2015 GS350. Love it so far and have figured out most things. One thing I noticed while driving at night is that all of the butttons on the doors are lit except the seat memory buttons. Are those supposed to light up?

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As far fetched as it sounds, you may have to buy an LS to get lighted memory buttons. I'm 99% certain that the memory buttons on the driver door of the 2000 LS400 that I sold last year were lighted. I was surprised when I bought a new Toyota van last year that the seat memory buttons are not lighted since all the other buttons on the doors are lighted and the dash, overhead console, center console and steering wheel look like an overdone Christmas tree of lights.

Toyota is known to play "button light give and take". Forum users complained vehemently about how overhead console buttons and/or buttons on the inside mirror were lighted in some model years of the Lexus RX and then not lighted in later model years.

I suppose you could visit your Lexus dealer at night to look at another 2015 GS and verify whether or not its memory buttons are lighted. But your car is new and it is not as if there is a separate electrical circuit or a separate physical connector that supplies light to the buttons that are lighted.

It's interesting how lighted buttons and switches have become so common and desired. I'm trying to remember the car company (Porsche?, Ferrari?) that had dashboard lights with two modes - one mode was full lighting and the other mode lighted only the critical buttons and switches with the idea that lighting everything would be distracting when driving fast.

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