2006 Gx470 High Miles - What Is It Worth?

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Found a 2006 GX470, at 189k miles. I see the previous owner went to lexus and I have full records per the lexus site. The 180k service (90k) was just done months ago. Everything works. The car cv joints were replaced, alternator, calipers, brakes, exhaust gasket, and the notorious gas cap in the last 40k. Only items needing attention are tires, rock chips in paint near the grille and the leather cleaning/conditioning. No excessive rust on the underbody.

I have another 04 at 165k, going strong -got it at 130k, Lost another 04 in an ice accident, had it from 90-165k, no issues there either.

I think I am tempted to buy it, regardless of the miles due to the history. It has lexus link and dvd.

Would you pay 11 for it?

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My opinion is that is a bit high.  You would need to also check the timing belt replacement as well as the front / rear bearing replacement.  These will cost you approx $3k to perform.  I would suggest about $8K or lower.  Very high miles for the age.

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