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  1. Found a 2006 GX470, at 189k miles. I see the previous owner went to lexus and I have full records per the lexus site. The 180k service (90k) was just done months ago. Everything works. The car cv joints were replaced, alternator, calipers, brakes, exhaust gasket, and the notorious gas cap in the last 40k. Only items needing attention are tires, rock chips in paint near the grille and the leather cleaning/conditioning. No excessive rust on the underbody. I have another 04 at 165k, going strong -got it at 130k, Lost another 04 in an ice accident, had it from 90-165k, no issues there either. I think I am tempted to buy it, regardless of the miles due to the history. It has lexus link and dvd. Would you pay 11 for it?
  2. Hi all, I have a 90 ls400 with a noticable noise, inside the cabin only, not from the engine area. It sounds similar to the fuel pulsation I heard from the bad fuel damper I replaced years ago in the engine compartment. But this is near the middle to back of the car that I hear when in the car. I think it is the fuel pump or something related. Has anyone had anything similar happen? I don't want to replace the pump unless I am sure that is the issue. Could it be something else?
  3. Hi, So I am guessing you took off the two bright silver nuts that hold the module to the car. If so, now try to pull it out a little to look at both ends of the metal module. On one end is a white box looking item attached to the metal module. That white box will be labeled "noise filter". Now, at that same end but on either side of the metal module you will see black tape covering the side of the metal module, under that tape is the rom card I pulled out and pushed back in to re-seat. That card is sold with the key and they match frequency. There should not be any programming involved for the 90-93 model years. One more thing, be sure the dash switch for your remote lock systen wasn't hit by your knee and is in the the off position. Also verify your key battery was installed correctly. They key sensor is in the rear glass so put the key close to it as well when testing to rule out radio interference affecting your key range. If this doesn't work, we need to go through the key test to make sure it is working (let me know) and then go from there. Toby
  4. Is your ignition fuse set well in the fusebox under the dash? I had an issue and found mine wasn't set well. Wouldn't start at random.
  5. I am fixing my rear stabilizer bar (rusted through and broke at a bushing but still held together due to the bushing.) and bushings tomorrow for a problem that sounds very similar to yours. With the bar problem, The LS ate the tires on the inside like yours. The car seemed very unstable in bumpy situations and lots or body roll until I realized what had happened. I would check your bar, bushings and your rear stabilizer bar links if this sounds similar to what you are experiencing. Check the front ones too. New bushings are a very cheap and very noticeable modification to handling from what I have heard. They are available from TM engineering. I have 280,000 miles and going strong. Good luck.
  6. Darn, looks like I am out of luck with the 04 gx470.
  7. I had this issue with the locks not working on the car (1990). It turned out that the frequency module (in the receiver module in the trunk ) that matches the key electronics was loose. It worked after reseating the module in the receiver unit. It is to the right of the antenna assembly in the trunk. I did this first to make sure the key works. The shop manual says to turn the radio to a low fm station (I don't remember the specific frequency). 88-92? Get the car in a location where it does not get any low frequency stations that might interfere with the car key. Go through the frequencies one by one and then push the button on the key. You will hear some interference (it is slight). If that works for you the key works. Then move to looking at the module in the trunk. I have the shop manual and can give you some pointers if you like. I just sent you a pm with my contact info.
  8. try this, they carry a kit for the 90-94 LS400 as well as the wiring harness so you don't have to cut any wires.
  9. Plugs and wires have been regularly replaced. Caps and rotors are probably original. Car has 230K miles. To do the caps and rotors, it looks like I have to drain the coolant and such. Yuck. I'll check the mounts then go to the cap and rotor and then check the coils. Thanks.
  10. First off the idle control valve works, After it warms up you can see it lower the idle, then some more, then some more. I know that is working. I have looked over the whole fuel/ignition system that is easy to get to. No luck. I have the shop manuals and have gained nothing from them. Coil? Cap? Rotor? Wires are a year old. Plugs 40K. Car drives fine. Just the vibration at idle in gear. Is it quite noticeable.
  11. I found a generic thin filter in the section around the breater elements and PCV valves. Cut to fit. Very simple and cheap.
  12. Looking for tires, comfort is the priority. I have winter tires so all season tires isn't as important. Have a wife with dizziness so the better the ride, the better off we both are. LOL Thanks. I have looked at, but wanted your actual "ride" experience with your tires. Anyone do sizing changes? Anyone recommend that?
  13. sounds like a common problem you will find elsewhere on the site. You have a short in the wiring in the trunk hinge. Looking in the trunk, it is the hinge on the left. UPDATED- Looks like I was just beat to the posting by a few minutes. 1990ls400, you're quick!
  14. I have a white 90 LS 400 with the blue cloth interior. A collectors item? I know they were only available in 90-92. I have yet to see another one. It is nice. Anyone else have one?
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