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What Does A Million Miles Really Tell Us?


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That's a very poorly written article, which seems not to have a point regarding why some cars can go extreme mileages. It doesn't know who to "blame" for that feat.

I met Irv Gordon, the owner of the 3 million mile Volvo. The engine has had two, maybe three rebuilds at this point. The trans and differential are mostly original. Most of the paint is original. Fifteen or twenty windshields, and about a hundred headlights.

His mileage is due to proper maintenance, attention to defects ( repaired in good time ) and a driving style that most could not duplicate. He's an expert driver for sure.

Most cars given the same care could not have achieved that mark without massive repairs. For sure a Dodge minivan of almost any year, Ford F-250 with the 6 litre diesel, Volvo's with the B230 engine, BMW's, etc. Repairing most of them means throwing a big chunk of the car away and installing a new assembly.

A million mile Lexus is evidence of something exceptional. Unfortunately the less than capable writer didn't mention what had been replaced during that time. But I suspect the engine and trans have never been apart. The diff is original. Probably the wheel bearings too.

I sold my 92 LS400 some time ago, but I still see it and know the owner. The rad hoses are original. The valve covers have never been off. It doesn't burn any oil. It doesn't leak any oil. It's amazing.

There are very few cars that can claim that kind of reliability. The author doesn't understand that, and doesn't care either.

If any car stands a chance of matching Irv's Volvo, it will be a Lexus. In fact I think they are more reliable than that 1800S.

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