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Replacing Oem Wheel Or Wheels

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my 1999 es 300 needs a wheel.....would like to replace just the one bad wheel w/oem....I would think there are tons of them out there....any ideas...but where do I find them?

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I suppose you could try local "junk yards". I was surprised last year when I could not find a used OEM wheel of the most common design for my 2014 Sienna, in a metro area of over 1 million people, that was in excellent condition and at a reasonable price let alone a set of four to use with snow tires..

I ended up buying a set of four refurbished wheels from Wheels and Caps at the best price I found on the Internet. They appear to have the most common 1999 ES300 wheel in stock: http://www.wheelsandcaps.com/c-2283-oem-aluminum-alloy-wheels_Lexus-ES300-1999.aspx

Wheels and Caps is a subsidiary of the largest supplier of remanufactured auto parts in the U.S. which has warehouses all over the U.S. including within a few miles of me in Kansas. The refurbished Sienna wheels I bought from them were like new and still look like new after a winter's use. If you need the optional wheel that is shown as being out of stock, it still may be possible for Wheels and Caps to supply one. They didn't have enough Sienna wheels in stock when I first contacted them but they were able to deliver a full set within a few weeks.

Shipping from Wheels and Caps will cost extra but is still far less than I can ship wheels for. There are likely other wheel suppliers that can help you if you do an Internet search but I was very happy with Wheels and Caps.

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