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On Board Computer


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Situation: I have a 2009 ES 350. A short time ago, the doors to my car started unlocking on their own while the car was being driven. Then a few weeks later, after the doors would unlock the airbag warning light would come on. I took my car to the local dealer and they said the problem is with the on board computer. I was told that water (condensation) from the AC unit had leaked into the computer and was causing it to malfunction. The question I have is:

1. Has anyone ever hear of this situation before? AC unit condensation shorting out the on board computer.

To me it seem like a design flaw and I feel that Lexus should cover the cost of the repair, which is almost $4700.00. Any advise on how I should proceed is greatly appreciated.

I bought the car new in 09 and it has only 34000 miles on it.

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