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2002 Lx470 Tires

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Hi, I'm new to the club. Just bought a 2002 LX470. I need new tires. The dealer told me 16" tires but on the forum and on the web people were saying you could put 18" on the LX. My friend has a 2006 LX with 18" tires.

Please help: Should I get 16" tires or !8"? will the 18" tires rub the fender? Any advantages to either?

Leaning toward the Michelin LTX or AT2 or TOYO open country. Which would be better for FWY, snow and light off road once in awhile. If you have any other

tire recommendation please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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I suppose it depends on a number of factors. Do want to buy four 18" LX470 wheels? The company from which I bought refurbished wheels for my Sienna has refurbished 18" LX470 wheels: http://www.wheelsandcaps.com/p-22079-aluminum-alloy-wheel-rim-18x8-74186.aspx Add more for caps (if the ones you have won't fit) and shipping. There should be no clearance problems.

18" wheels/tiers will provide a substantially firmer ride or a harsher ride depending on your perspective. Larger diameter tires usually wear faster and cost more to buy.

The advantage of staying with 16" wheels is of course cost. Which tires you choose may depend on which wheel size you choose - i.e. availability of tire models in your size. I suggest that you look at the ratings and reviews on www.tirerack.com - that should give you an idea about snow traction and based on statistics that are likely much more valid that a few opinions on a car forum.

The following web pages show you the OEM wheel and tire sizes for the 02 and 06 LX470.

2002: http://www.lexus.com/contact/pdf/2002/2002LXspecs.pdf

2006: http://www.lexus.com/contact/pdf/2006/2006LXspecs.pdf

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