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96 Ls400 How To Remove Bottom White Plastic Part Of Shift Assembly


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how do i remove the bottom plastic portion of this shifter assembly? i heard four nuts or rivets fall down when i removed the four 10mm screws that hold the top part down. i believe i need to remove the bottom portion of the plastic white assembly and at least partially thread those screws or rivets into the 10mm screws that came out of the holes the silver pointer in the lower left is aimed at in the photo. thanks for your input. :)

btw, my problem was that i couldn't shift out of park, and my brake lights were working. that long thin plastic elbow attached to the release lever (being held on by that make-shift green twisty) was detached at the pivoting end. hoping this fixes my issue and lexus has that clip available (yeah rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright.. they'll try and sell me the 4000 assembly). i'll buy it off ebay or car-part.com (which is several junkyards pooled together in one convenient site).


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figured it out, remove center console and remove 4 bolts holding it down, the 4 nuts that thread into the bolts to hold the top portion of the shifter down fall beneath the bottom portion, absolutely awful design flaw that just kills you if you ever remove the 4 bolts

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yes, i needed access to the shift lock solenoid. i took the solenoid out and ran 12V to it, the shaft inside the magnetic cylinder retracts like it should, however, i have 33.33 ohms of resistance when i should have 28 max. will replacing the solenoid with one with 5 ohms less resistance solve the issue or is that another long shot? like you, i really do despise burning through money for obscenely overpriced parts to find out it doesn't solve the problem.

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