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How To Remove Center Console Tray From 1994 Ls400


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Thank you, but I can not read it.......... The color needs to be something that doesn't contrast with the back ground. Either white or black would be better than red. A bit larger font too. I really wish I could read it.

Maybe show the lines and then the text out from the photo to the right hand side.

I have not removed one yet and would like to know how to do it.

Picture number 3 where are the clips? Is it just the one in the center?

I wish I could do the edit and light the words up but won't work with a photo. Its irritating that I can not see all the words.

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ok, it says

1.this carpet just lifts out

2. remove these screws

3. pry out this vent, the easiest way is to wedge from the side

4. always use nonmaring prybars like a kitchen turner

5. remove these screws

6. put your prybar at the front of the console and wedge "rearward", there are 2 locking tabs where these lines end

when youve cleared the tabs it lifts out..

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