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Is 9k A Good Price For This Car?


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I see what looks like a used car lot sticker on the trunk lid. Is that the current seller? If not, then I don't know how it could be a one-owner car. One owner and no service records? That sounds strange. Does it have its maintenance booklet and has it been stamped after each service? Has it has the "90,000 Miles or 72 Months" maintenance performed on a timely basis? A 2002 should have had a second expensive 90K/72 month service by now. Have any of the services been recorded in the owners section of the Lexus website? (You will need the VIN to check.)

You can view the 2002 LS430 maintenance schedule at: http://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms/SMG202/pdf/om1sourc/2002om/02omsupp/2002lexu.pdf

All prices are local. Does it compare well with similar LS430's you have looked at? Does EVERYTHING work? (No warning lights, functioning tilt/telescoping steering wheel, seat memory, seat heaters, interior and exterior lights, etc.

Specs for the 2002 LS430 are at http://www.lexus.com/contact/pdf/2002/2002LSspecs.pdf

It apparently has the "NL" option package.

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Thanks! all good points. I think that 9K was fair even given the ~1K I was going to have to put in for major services. Time will tell if I got a lemon or not. Carfax showed that the car started out in Texas and was driven 48K in the first two years, so I assume it was a fleet car in it's first life. Then for the next ten years driven about 10K per year. No records at all, so I went ahead and got the 90K services done. It has replacement rims and Goodyear Eagles on it, but most other things seem to be in good shape and in order. It all works and the GPS has been updated, so that's good. Only one key though, so I'll be looking to get new keys soon. I've been reading up on how to do this in the forums.

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