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Lexus Shaking On Freeway


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I went to a toyota car dealership to purchase a 2005 Lexus GX 470. During the test drive on the road below 45 mph, the vehicle was running smooth. But as soon i got onto the freeway, i could see my driver's side mirror shaking and i also felt the shake at 55 mph and greater. Also when i take a sharp left or right turn, it sounded tik tik tik. The dealership was saying that it was CV joints for the sound.

The problems with the vehicle

  • Shaking on freeway
  • tik tik noise on turns.

The dealership said they would reduce a $1000 for these issues or if i don't take the reduced price then they would fix it. Iam very new to these repairs and issues with lexus. Any help or inputs would be appreciated.


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I would want the dealer to fix the problems. It could be cheap to fix or maybe not. The Toyota dealer would essentially be fixing it at "wholesale" if he has his mechanics fix it. If you have to pay to have it fixed, you will be paying "retail".

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