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2013 Lexus Rx350 Tow Hitch Computer Installation

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I am installing a hitch on my rx350 I got the hitch and the wire harness on but I don't

Know where the relay plugs into part number pt219-48101-TC

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One guy said: "OEM connector located under the drivers side rear located adjacent to the rear bumper. You need to remove the pan where the trailer hitch goes to get to the connector."

I don't know if the attached document is accurate but take a look. It seems to conflict with the above statement.

Adding RX Tow Converter for trailer lights on FWD RX 350.pdf

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I have a 2013 RX350 All Wheel Drive that was not equipped with T T Package. I bought the RX Tow Converter from my Lexus Dealer and got repted off. P/N PT219-48101-TC Paid $165.95 with tax. This same part is available on line for a little over $80.

This convert box installs by removing the hatch seal plate and the right rear panel. The panel does not need to be remove. Just remove the facia plate and remove the the tie that is bolted through the rear right panel. By pulling the panel forward a little you will see the plug that the convertor plugs into. That is it . Plug your convertor in. Put everything back. The link below shows the whole thing.

Adding RX Tow Converter for trailer lights on FWD RX 350.docx
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