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Premium Gas?


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Are folks really using Premium in their GX's? I note the owner's manual calls for 91+ octane, but hard to believe it wouldn't run fine with 89? Would be nice to save the difference.....

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Hi Tim and Welcome!

Year after year, Lexus owners have discussed the whys and wherefores are the best fuel grades for their model Lexus. In addition, as updated models come out, Lexus has changed some engines to run on different octane blends.

Around 2010 several engines were modified to accept 87 octane to 91 octane as well. In my 2010 ES350 it was designed to use 87 or 91 octane. Given this ongoing puzzle of fuel choices I recommend using what the Owners Manual recommends. This helps protect you from any problems that could come from a fuel choice and will give you the best engine performance.


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I agree with Paul. I have a premium vehicle. I'm going to use the proper fuel.

Once when I was driving my Z28 as a daily driver, I got cheap and put regular in it. I hadn't gone 2 miles before it started sounding like someone was shuffling a deck of cards under the hood. I never got cheap on gas again.

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I did the math over the course of two months.

Using 93 octane from Shell or BP in the GX improves overall mileage enough to actually save 1.3 cents per mile in fuel cost. But even if it cost a little more per mile, my butt dyno says the engine runs noticeably better with hi-test.

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