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Upgrade 2001 Navigation From Gen 2/3 To Gen 4 Or Just Upgrade Map Disk


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Recently purchased '01 LS430....haven't used navigation much but doesn't recognize many of the addresses I have tried (2000 get .1). I have read a little on here about upgrading to gen 4 which is plug and play. I wonder if worth it to upgrade to gen 4 with newest map DVD (appx $325) or just upgrade to latest map for gen 2/3 (appx $75). I understand gen 4 will disable voice commands. Is this just input commands, will Nav still tell you where to turn etc ? Will just affect voice command for Nav only or radio etc ? I also understand there is an over ride feature for when car is moving that may be affected or lost. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

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My recommendation is to install the final 2013 map update for the gen 2/3 nav and call it a day. Our 2012 Prius still has the 2011 map update and our 2014 Sienna the 2013 map update and both still do a decent job finding addresses and businesses. Even in much later Toyota/Lexus nav generations, map detail is provided only for medium and large cities.

When addresses or businesses are not found in our nav systems, we sometimes use the navigation apps on our cell phones.

Or ... if a specific address cannot be found, we can often navigate to an address near it.

It's been a lot of years since I've seen a forum thread about replacing a gen 2/3 nav with a gen 4 nav system. Toyota/Lexus is now at generation 8 with its nav systems so updating to a gen 4 system won't get you very close to current technology.

An inexpensive portable Garmin GPS will provide far better navigation and map detail than a Toyota/Lexus gen 4 system and also provide excellent voice controlled Bluetooth hands free phone. And you get four free map updates per year with a Garmin. The 2000 LS400 I sold last year didn't have the pathetic gen 1 Lexus nav system and I mounted a Garmin GPS just to the right of the head unit on a Pro.Fit Legend bracket on which I installed a Garmin compatible Pro.Fit "Bravo ball" (see attached photo) and "softwired" it into the car's accessory circuit so that it turned on/off with the ignition switch. Pro.Fit still has brackets that fit the LS430: http://www.pro-fit-intl.com/lexus.htm


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