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150k For Kazuma~trdcharged?

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I have 97 LX450 with 150k on it mostly highway driven state to state ~ NYC to LA

My big concern will the motor still be able to hold up with another add 60hp?

Or should i have major tuned up with all the pistons & rings? Really big consider on this because its not cheap at all... to readjust all the them.

By the way, right now my LX 450 motor running perfectly fine.. i had all the

Synthetic oil all over since i bought the car brand new 7 years ago.. :P

Mobil 1 10-30 ~Motor Oil

Mobil 1 75-90 ~Gear Diff lubricant

Mobil 1 Syntheic~ ATF fluid

please need professional advice & suggest on this, thanks

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Your 450 engine has some miles. Before you add a blower, you should have compression leak-down test done. With the added pressure, anything worn will show it's head with the added compression produced from the boost.

If you keep the boost to the kit specs, your engine should last as long as without the boost. You will need to use the highest octane fuel available in your area.

Contact TRD. They will be able to answer your specific questions.

Have fun,


LX 470

LS 400

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Thanks GRD:

Yea i got some serious# on my odometer, ;) anyways thanks for your advice.

I just worry by addin more pressure TRD charged on the motor ,will that going to reliable later on?

So far i invested $$$$ on the car by added all accesorries from Japan, included:

~Phillips HID Systems~ Ballast & Relay

~Lowering 4inch down suspension kit , spring & 5 adjustable shock

~Front billet grille

~23 x10 ~Lowenhart~Fr 305/23/35 Pirelli Assimetrico rubber

~23x10.5~Lowenhart~Rr 305/23/35 Pirelli Assimetrico rubber

~All crystal clear lens front, corner n rear.

~ Borla exhaust cat back pipe with custom Remus dual pipe mufflers

~ Jaos air filtercharged.

~Pionner double din, Pionner EQ separated brain, Alpine 7 M-760 TV monitor &

Navigation & Blaupunkt DVD player.

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