Radio Switches Modes On Its Own

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My 2010 GX460 sometimes will start switching radio modes on its own. Seems like it just starts cycling like the mode button is being pushed. Not sure if it is an intermittent in the steering wheel mode switch or in the radio itself. Has anyone had this problem and solved it?

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Hi Chuck,

This isn't a condition that I've heard of recently. Based on the month you bought your GX 460 and the mileage, you may still have the car in warranty. If it is, take it to your dealer and get an estimate on repairing it.

If not in warranty, you may be able to find the parts needed for the repair on ebay or other outlets.. Also, have it looked at by a reputable auto sound installer and see if they and the dealer both agree on the problem solution.

At the top of the page to the right is a box to start a search for your problem.

Come back and let us know how things are going.


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