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Looking At A 92 Sc300 What Should I Watch Out For?

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Hello guys... good forum very imformative. I'm a grad student looking for a nice, fast, reasonably reliable for of transportation... that is akin to the Supra ;).

Lokking at a 92 SC300 MT with 160,000 miles... as far as I know it has no repair records. Located in the northren midwest.

Here's what I've been told by the owner:

1) P/S is blown... not working

2) Needs a tune up. Running ruff?!?!

(owner says it will be completed, has parts)

3) Leaks no oil and uses none.

Monday I am going to drive the vehicle (8 hr trip... :/).

Thinking about offering $4K...

I need 30K miles (8 months of grad school) out of the car till I swap for TT engine.

By the way I'm a POOR grad student! (Yes, that is one in the same) :)

Questions (in your opinions):

A) Is it worth it?

B) What should I offer? ($$$$$)

C) Cost of PS pump???

D) What should I look for when driving the vehicle?

(Besides fluid leaks and the shocks/drivetrain noises)

Thanks for the help!

Nathan aka XeenSD

Aspiring Transportation Engineer

"No you can't blame me for the red lights!"


'87 5mgte Supra (I hate blown HG's)

'84 4X4 SR5 Toy Pickup (I hate blown HG's More)

'87 Civic Hatch (Have you ever driven a car that gets 36mpg? - by the way trees and cars don't mix)


1992 240SX hatch (HEY! It was $250 running! - going drift)

1994 Toy Pickup (170,000+ miles - daily driver)

1999 Sebring Convertable (Topless is best! even if it is a Chrysler....)

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well, p/s pump cost 450 at lexus not including the labor. but you can get a remanufactored oem pump at a parts store for cheaper. the car has 160k on it and if it needs a p/s pump and a tune up. damn. i think 4g's is a little too much. i think a full tune at lexus is like $1200 thats not including the timing belt. i would offer $3000. i detailed a 96 sc400 from a very well reputable dealer with a 161k on it the they sold at the auction for 6 grand. and that car was mint. leather and all. i was shocked. didnt like color though. your looking at a car thats 4 years older. its a 300 not a 400. and it probably needs a major tune up and a p/s pump.

make sure theres no paint work. just because theres no records of repair doesnt mean that there was no damage done. i got into a car accident with my sc400. had 12 grand in damage and theres no record of that anywhere. trust me i searched. just becareful with what you buy and good luck. keep us posted :cheers:

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