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More Electrical, Low Washer..not Pluggin In?


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Silly question - but did you get your car serviced, and may be the mech noticed that the sensor was unplugged, and possibly plugged it back for you as a favor? It's so easy to simply connect it or disconnect it. Otherwise, to me it sounds like a short.

My sensor did the exact same thing while on a trip to Florida this year. During a large rainstorm, the sensor indicated the level was low. I filled up the reservoir (which wasn't really empty) and the issue resolved. However, it came back a day or so later. So, I got to the place where I was jiggling the fluid reservoir in order to get the float to move. I didn't like how that red LED glows while running down the road, especially at night.

Once at home, did a little research, and for the 2 minutes that it takes to undo the bottom cover in front of the wheel, thought that was an okay solution until I purchase a new sensor or repair the old one. The low-fluid warning light issue is no more, but I dislike having a feature of the car disabled, even if it's a very minor one.


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