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Draw Tite Hitch Install


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Does anyone have the Draw Tite? I’m planning to get this hitch since the rep at http://4wheelonline.com will give a good price. Just curious if this hitch is hidden or not, and how’s the installation? I will tow a small trailer and install a bike rack from time to time. Thanks for any help.

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My, that 4wheelonline website is hard to navigate. How does one select the make, year and model of the vehicle so that parts can be found?

I buy most of my hitches and towing supplies from www.etrailer.com and recommend them highly - one of the best companies I've dealt with.

etrailer has hitches for your GX from Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite and Curt and has photos and how-to-install videos. I know that Curt also has videos on their website since I installed a Curt hitch on my Sienna van a few months ago and watched some. I see that etrailer has a Class III Draw-Tite for you GX for $215.95 with free shipping.

etrailer has trailer light wirings kits for the GX with or without the tow package.

Trailer hitch installation is usually a pretty easy DIY project.

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