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The Future Of Lexus


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Over the last two years, Toyota-Lexus has signaled movement towards a product with a more aggressive mission to overwhelm the luxury market with cars that offer young styling, state-of the-art technology and reliability that has made Lexus the No. 1 selling luxury car year after year.

At the recent gathering of USA dealers, Mr Toyoda laid out his vision of the Lexus automobile for the next years ahead.

I found his thoughts and the commitment of Toyota to our love for our Lexus not only helpful but exciting.

What do you think??



A big apology for the previous bad link I posted. The one above works!

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Yes, I remember them starting to talk this way a couple of years ago at the Pebble Beach, CA showing of the new GS350. And gradually the better products started trickling out.

I do like the direction Lexus is going, they need to stick with it. A lot more work to do. For example the 3.5L 306 hp engine is a great engine and certainly competitive, but largely unchanged since 2006, It's about time they worked on this engine a bit for another 10% more power just to get more of an edge in this premium car business.

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