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Looking At Is350 And Have ?

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I currently drive a 2006 Acura TL. I am happy with the car but would like something with a little more power and I really like the body style of the IS350, plus they are rear wheel drive. If I get one I plan to run 19x8.5 in the front and 19x9.5 in the rear with 235/35-19 and 265/35-19 which shouldnt be a problem from what I have read. My question is, have you guys seen or noticed or know of any known issues or problem with any certain years from 2006-2013 in the IS350, or anything I should be aware of? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Decided to keep my car for another few months. I still definitely want a 350 though. Kinda dig the Fsports too, but not sure if they are worth the extra money. Could always do springs and struts. As for the H&Rs, I am just not sure. My previous car was a 1991 Z28 with about 4k in suspension upgrades including Koni yellows and eibach springs and I was running 295/35-18 in the rear and 265/35-18 in the front. The TL seems too bouncy with the H&Rs, and the Z rode stiff as hell with no bounce at all. I know its not a fair comparison but I was use to the handling and firmness of the Z.




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Nicely done TL.

The ISx50 owners have a lot of experience with various mods, a lot of stuff is well-proven fortunately.

My IS350 is on Eibach350 springs (same as F Sport springs) and stock sport package shocks. Ride quality is good, only on big bumps at high speeds can I feel shocks struggle a bit to control rebound. Also added Lexus axle-back F-Sport exhaust.

wheel specs (a fairly common setup as shown in bottom pic):

19x8.5 et33.235/35

19x10.0 et38 285/30 w/rear fender shave

Since the IS is a premium sport sedan, I purposely selected mods that suit this kind of car.

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