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Gx 460 Navigation Freezing


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Last week we bought a new GX460. Last night, the guided navigation froze after I had pushed the "yes" button whne it asked if I wanted it to replan the route to avoid a traffic jam. It immediately froze and the whole Nav system was unresponsive (radio system, Nav, climate, etc.) until we turned off the car about 40 minutes later and restarted the car. Is anyone else having this issue? What might be causing it (I read some older IS models had problems with the connector?) Any cures? We expect to take it back to the Lexus dealer to fix it, but want to know if this is a recurrent issue.

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Hi Robert and welcome to the Club.

Frankly, I can't recall hearing of this problem before now. I've had 2 2013 models and a previous 2010 ES350, all equiped with nav. Again, none had this problem.

You already have contacted your dealer and all work will be covered by your warranty. I wonder if the software needs to be re-intialized?

The only major complaint that other members complain about is the voice command system. Lexus has made a feature rich product, but in my humble opinion the voice recognition is about worthless. The big problem is that it is a hit and miss deal if the feature is going to understand your command. You might say "raise temperature" and it will come back and say something like "you want to put in a address."

Let us know how things turn out. I'd like to know more about the freezing problem.


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