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2011 Engine Covers - Easy Question

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The silver cover covering the main top part of engine under hood.....how does it come off ?? I have popped up the 2 back tabs off their posts....are there two others near the center of that cover ??? I don't want to force it & break the cover......

Your snappy answer to my stupid question is most appreciated......

Thanks in advance.

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I removed the engine cover on my 2012 to replace the air filters at 30,000 miles. Since you got the rear ones loose you need to gently lift up on the front edge of the cover. There are 2 more holding the cover down in the middle. It is a lot easier if the engine is fairly warm. After the first time I remove the cover or shroud on anything that is rubber I will put the tinyest coating of silicone and ONLY SILICONE grease on the rubber part. I bought a tube of pure silicone grease on Amazon for a few bucks several years ago. Take the tube and squeeze out a fraction of one drop on your index finger and then message it between your thumb and finger so that it is so thin it just appears as a sheen on your finger then use your finger to apply it to the rubber part. From then on it will be much easier to remove any cover that contains rubber. More is NOT better with silicone grease, use as little as possible.

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