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1999 Lexus Rx 300 A/c Blower Motor Don't Work


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I have a 1999 Lexus RX 300. Two months ago I was having a trouble with my blower fan. It only worked on high speed, I could not reduce the fan speed, fan speed indicator bar worked. Two weeks ago fan completely stopped working.. I took the car to a mechanic, he checked it and said, two issues 1) blower motor need replacement and 2) a relay is bad and he has to get the parts from Lexus dealer will cost $950plus tax for the whole job. I said, use after market parts and the mechanic said he can't get after market parts. Then I said, don't fix it.... I came home and did some internet study. First of all I removed the blower motor out from the car and connected it to the battery directly and it did work properly. Now , I know the motor is fine. Next thing I wanted to remove the blower motor control (resistor) out, but I could not reach there. I needed to remove the glove box. After few days of research I was able to remove the glove box out (it is very easy 4 screws only.. 2 inside the glove box and 2 out side).. Then I removed the blower motor control ( Toyota -12 volt, 87165-22040)( I heard module 22050 also work but not sure) replaced it with one I bought from a junk car dealer, Now blower fan is working fine and I can increase and decrease the speed. it only cost me $55....Thanks for every ones help.....

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