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Blew My Subwoofer. Help!

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I think I blew my subwoofer in my '98 GS400. it happened awhile ago and I just let it go, but now whenever I turn on the radio or roll the windows down the sub is hitting a coil or live wire. It pops and thumbs like a shotgun is going off in the car, expecially when I turn corners. Now, that I can at least hear it, I want it to work again. Has anyone had this issue?

Do I need to replace just the sub and if so can I do it without removing 100 parts to get to it. I did some research and it seems to be a 10 inch sub but some installers told me to go with an 8 inch for a better fit. I saw the sub on ebay for like $50. Can I just replace the sub or do I need to replace the amplifier too? Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.

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