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  1. So....I have a power steering leak. It has been there for awhile, over a year and refill the fluid about once a week. I had some time, and extra money andI took it to the shop to get it fixed. I was prepared for it bascially, but my trusted mechanic tells me I have an oil leak, a really really bad one. It takes priority in fixing it now. My sproketts in both cam shafts need to be replaced, and some are parts that Lexus does not sell. They are leaking behind the camshaft and oil is gushing out. My oil light just started coming on, and under the hood is covered in oil including the pan below. T
  2. My '98 GS400 has 185,000 and counting. I just started running into problems, but we are pushing through them.
  3. Few years back but I think it was Nas. I was actually in TN when it happened. Go figure.
  4. Which one should I fix first? The power steering fluid is leaking and I have to refill it once per week. I had it looked at by a trusted mechanic and was told there were several leaks that needed to be addressed and would run me $500+ to fix. The upper and lower control arms on the front end need to be replaced, as well as the ball joints. I hear them popping at times while driving. The moonroof motor has run its course and it no longer opens. My headlights are not as bright at night and I would like to upgrade a brighter beam without burning out the harness. I really like the HID look. The up
  5. I think I blew my subwoofer in my '98 GS400. it happened awhile ago and I just let it go, but now whenever I turn on the radio or roll the windows down the sub is hitting a coil or live wire. It pops and thumbs like a shotgun is going off in the car, expecially when I turn corners. Now, that I can at least hear it, I want it to work again. Has anyone had this issue? Do I need to replace just the sub and if so can I do it without removing 100 parts to get to it. I did some research and it seems to be a 10 inch sub but some installers told me to go with an 8 inch for a better fit. I saw the sub
  6. Steve

    Welcome to the Lexus forums GEGS :)

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