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1994 Ls Interior Carpet Color


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Hi All,

I have a '94 LS and I'm trying to figure out the color of my interior so I can get new floormats. I'm posting a picture of the interior here. Some questions:

1. What color is the interior carpeting here? I'm thinking it's Taupe but not sure if it's Tan?

2. Are these the proper color of floormats that came with this interior color? I've read they could be to emphasize the two-tone color combo?

3. Are factory floormats available that match the interior carpet color? If so, what color should Ibe looking for?

Thanks in advance!


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I think we can make this fairly simple for you. In Dallas, TX. there is a dealer that does a lo1 of sales in parts for Lexus cars. They also offer an excellent discount to members of the Lexus Owners Club.

I would think they would be able to go back in their parts listing for that year and model, and find what was offerered in matts and interior colors for touch-up repairs. If your looking for parts other than OEM you probably won't find it here.

Let us know if this works out.


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Hi Paul,

That sounds great! I think you forgot to post the dealer information. Would appreciate it if you would. Thanks!

Sorry about that....


Sewell Lexus

Dalla, TX

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I just bought my 96 LS 400 a month of two ago and it didn't come with floor mats.

I got some from this guy on ebay.


The picture is just for general use and does not come with the LLL embroidered in the carpet. Anyways. You tell them what car you have(year make and model) and what color you want from their available choices and they make the carpet for you. Their tan color matched my interior perfect. I am more than pleased with my purchase. It even came with two brand new hooks for the drivers side and some 3m velcro for the flap that goes over the foot rest. Great product and great price.

Hope this helps.

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