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Lots Of Issues (2006 Gs430) Check Vsc / Afs Off / Tmps / P0430


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good evening lexus owners,

Lexus Gs430. [90500mi] - clean title - clean carfax.

my check engine light is on and the Yellow indicator with exclamation mark also on (Brake System Warning Light (yellow) and the TRAC light is also on (suggesting that traction is OFF) --> all 3 of these are related to the code: P0430

aside from that the Tire Pressure light is also blinking at me constantly.
aside from that the Check VSC is also displaying.
aside from that the RED traingle exclamation light also blinks (slowly - sometimes stays on - sometimes doesn't)
aside from that the AFS OFF light is also constantly blinking

I drove a car home after the previous owners mechanic cleared the CEL
The check engine light and the TRAC light and the light beside Check engine were all gone until about 90-100miles of driving. Then all 3 returned together.

IF my issue was a bad Catalytic converter(s) / leak(s) in exhaust / bad O2 sensor(s) - which one of these is most likely to be ruled out since the CEL didn't come back (after clearing) until over an hour of driving / city and highway...

which issue do I ignore and which do I address?
The only code the car has given out is:
P0430 Lexus - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2

I noticed the car is fine while driving.
I noticed the cruising range it gave me is actually exceeding the cruising range by a few miles.
But now that the check engine light is on again, maybe my gas mileage will take a hit. yes IT DID

So I checked the GAS CAP as most people keep saying all over the forums for the check VSC.
My Gas cap and the ring around it both seem to be okay.
But you never know, maybe this could be an issue.

Which of the lights can I fix via DIY or Indy shop?
Which light has to be taken the LEXUS . toyota to fix / reprogram. don't normal shops have these computers to reprogram stuff?

thanks in advance for any replies and guidance.

The lexus dealership that maintained the car (while under warranty) said if you aren't the same owner who owned it when the work was done, then you can't find out jack from them.

No open recalls (confirmed)
i feel helpless with the light show going on on my dashboard.. all different colors of lights flashing.. red.. yellow.. amber.. orange.. -__-

should I try removing power to the battery to reset ECU?
or try removing a fuse or two?

I haven't done anything as of yet.
started googling and joined up here.


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