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Need Help Replacing Instrument Gauge Cluster


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My lights in the instrument cluster of my 92 ES300 are dying. :( Has anyone replaced theirs? I have seen the cluster for sale on EBay, does the dealer set the correct mileage after the new cluster is installed? Also if I wanted to install the cluster myself how do I remove the dash cover? Are there any DIY guides out there? Thanks for any help!

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Hi Lex. Although I haven't worked on an ES300 before, I have repaired a lot of LS400s with dash light problems. I'm pretty sure that yours does not use the Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp technology like the LS400s do so I would not be able to repair yours. However, if you will Email me, I will Email you back the Removal and Reinstall Instructions that I have compiled for people that want to get their LS400s repaired. Those instructions should be very close to what you need to remove your instrument cluster.

I don't know if you have an electronic odometer or a mechanical one. If it's the electronic type, I have heard that Lexus will charge you at least $200 to set the proper mileage. I have also seen a web site that claims to set mileage on most cars but they wanted something like $600 to do it!

If you do decide to purchase a used one off Ebay, I would be interested in checking out your old one for you just to see how they tick. Also, if you need any electronic advice, email me.

Jim Walker

My email address is jimlwalker@sbcglobal.net

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